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Keratin hair straightening

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Here you can buy keratin Natureza, Cocochoco, Global Keratin, Inoar, Honma Tokyo, and others. Buy keratin La Grace (La Grace) and buy keratin Max Blowout (Blowout) can owners of all hair types who want to do hair straightening procedures. We have in stock preparations of both universal action and products for hard, curly, and thin hair. We sell only original products from the manufacturer. We also provide the opportunity to buy keratin on tap and without formaldehyde. 

What is keratin for hair?

If you often face the problem of dry and broken hair, then most likely the reason is hidden in the lack of keratin. Keratin is a protein called the "building" material of skin cells, hair, and nails. For this substance to always be present in the body, it is necessary to spend a lot of time in the fresh air, take quality food, limit the number of stressful situations in life, and use quality cosmetics. In the Zaya online store, you can buy keratin for any hair type at an affordable price in Kyiv and Ukraine. 

What is the effect of keratin hair straightening? 

Keratin straightening makes strands smooth and smoothes hairs from the inside.

Other benefits of using keratin:

  • The structure of the hair becomes much better;
  • Minimization of frizz, curls will become manageable;
  • Deep nourishment and hydration due to the presence of vitamins and minerals in the formula;
  • Keratin also fills in thin hair, making it thicker and smoother;
  • Alignment of the hairline.

Professional keratin hair straightening guarantees results for up to 6 months if you use sulfate-free hair care products after the treatment.

Composition of the product:
  1. Protein keratin complexes are a mandatory component for straightening strands;
  2. Amino acids;
  3. Vitamins and minerals;
  4. Plant extracts and natural oils;
  5. The aldehyde or its substitutes.

The price of keratin for hair depends on its composition. Preparations of high quality contain practically no dangerous components, such as aldehyde, which becomes formaldehyde when acted upon by a hairdryer.

Where to buy keratin for hair in Europe and the world?

ZAYA online store of hair cosmetics offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Moreover, the store provides free delivery, so you can easily buy keratin for hair in Europe and any other city in the world


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