Courses: botox, keratin, nanoplasty, cold hair restoration from ZAYA.

Straightening and hair restoration procedures have become an integral part of professional hair care. Working in these techniques requires special knowledge and understanding of subtleties which will allow us to achieve really worthwhile results. You can get all the practical skills and the theoretical basis by completing training with ZAYA teachers in Kharkiv. We create high-quality training products for masters with any level of training. Take Botox and Keratin courses in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnepr, and other cities of Ukraine it is a perfect solution if you want to get an interesting and profitable profession!

Our technologists talk about the principles of the procedures, demonstrate each step in practice, and examine all compositions in detail. Seminars are perfect for beginners as well as for practicing masters. The training program includes practical and theoretical parts. Masterclasses are conducted by masters with many years of experience. During the seminar, each student can practice under the supervision of a technologist who will always be at your side to advise and guide you if you need it. At ZAYA training you are not bound to a certain brand. You learn how to choose compositions and procedures taking into account the individual peculiarities of each client. You get not just a unique knowledge, but a highly demanded profession, which is very highly valued nowadays! At the end of the chosen course, beginners will be able to start their professional careers, and masters with experience will improve their skills.

At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate!

The training consists of the following parts:

Theory. Acquaintance with all the techniques of straightening and hair restoration. Types and types of hair, their differences. Diagnostics and determination of the level of hair damage. Composition selection for all hair types. Indications and contraindications for procedures. Tools for work and disinfection. The technique of safety. Features of hair care after the procedure, the selection of cosmetics.

Practice. Protocols for procedures, their characteristics, and nuances of performance from scratch. Major mistakes. The technology of hair reconstruction and straightening. Practice on models.

We will share the secrets of photo and video shooting. We will tell how a beginner can become a sought-after specialist. You will also be able to buy materials and ingredients for the procedure.

Keratin straightening, Botox hair restoration, nanoplastic, and cold restoration - are the most popular ways to return hair health and attractive appearance. It is easy to become a keratin master if you complete professional courses from ZAYA. The seminars are one-day, which is their main advantage. It's a great option if you want to take a course but live in another city (Kyiv, Dnepr, Sumy, Poltava). We guarantee high quality of education and at the same time, it will not take you too much time. At the end of the course, you will receive not only a certificate but also professional training.