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Hair Heat Protection

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Professional heat protection for hair is a lifesaver for girls who want their hair to look perfect but healthy at the same time. Regular styling with curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners negatively affect the hair cuticle, damaging and delaminating it. You need to use thermal protection for your hair before any type of styling to protect your hair from the dangerous effects of high temperatures. The main task of thermal protection is to smooth the cuticle, make the iron glide easily and minimize damage from hot tools. Apply a thermal protection spray, cream or oil before styling.

Thermal protection cosmetics for hair: price, reviews

Thermal protection forms a thin, invisible protective film around each hair to protect it from moisture evaporation and damage. The active ingredients in the composition comprehensively care for the curls - prevent split ends, smooth them, and restore the long-awaited shine.

The best thermal protection for hair:

  1. Spray. Thermal spray is the most popular and convenient format, quite economical to use, guarantees easy and even application of the product throughout the hair. It can be used on dry and wet curls. The thermal protection spray forms a protective film around each hair, makes curls smooth, soft, facilitates styling and adds shine.
  2. Serum. Thermal protection in the form of serum, in addition to the main action, has the function of moisturizing and nourishing the hair.
  3. Milk. The product softens the strands, light consistency does not stick and does not weigh them down, smoothes hair scales, making the hairs obedient and more pliable, removes fluffiness.
  4. Foam. Provides protection from the negative effects of the environment and hair styling tools, helps to create a luxurious hairstyle without the effect of gluing, weighing down or stickiness.
  5. Oil. Protects against high temperatures during styling and negative environmental influences, moisturizes and nourishes, actively fights against split ends.

Why do you need thermal protection for your hair?

  • protection
  • restoration
  • nourishment
  • strengthening
  • smoothing
  • moisturizing;
  • acts as an antistatic.
What thermal protection for hair should I buy?

When choosing a thermal protection product, follow one simple rule: the thinner the hair, the lighter the texture of the product should be.

  • For oily scalp and thin strands, use a leave-in spray or a rinse-off product with a high-temperature protection option.
  • Thick and curly hair - creamy textures.
  • Colored and damaged strands - oils with heat protection and products with silicones (silicones do not conduct heat well, minimizing the risk of high temperature damage to the hair).

For all hair types, use thermal protection products with moisturizers, vitamins, and proteins. We do not recommend styling too often, the best option is every other day. If you do not follow simple rules of hair care, then even expensive cosmetics will not be able to save your hair.

Thermal protection for hair: how to use?

Rinse-off (applied during washing): cosmetics used during hair washing (masks, balms, rinses) and contributing to the restoration of the structure must be thoroughly washed.

Indelible (applied before styling): applied to dry, dried hair before using a hair dryer and curling iron, not washed off, this category includes serums, sprays, oils.

Buy heat protectant for hair in Europe

Do not think that thermal protection is necessary only for damaged hair during styling. Cosmetics can be used for the prevention of split ends, drying, loss of shine, and protection against the negative effects of the environment. These products act not only as a protective factor, but they also nourish, restore, and are able to provide quality care for your locks.

If you want to buy the best thermal protection for your hair, we suggest you pay attention to our range, where we have collected professional cosmetics for hair that meet all quality standards. Our managers will help you to choose and buy the necessary product based on your preferences. We guarantee free delivery to any city in the world.


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