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Hair Shampoos

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In the ZAYA hair cosmetics store, you can buy various shampoos for restoring damaged hair, shampoo for highlighted and blonde hair, nourishing shampoo, for dyed hair or curly hair. Buying a professional hair shampoo is a guarantee of high-quality cleansing and hair care at home! To buy a professional shampoo in Kyiv or Kharkiv, you just need to visit the ZAYA website, study the catalog, choose the right products and read customer reviews.

Professional hair shampoo is a carefully selected combination of useful ingredients that will help you cleanse your curls and scalp from dust, sebum, and styling residues. Each shampoo has a special purpose; in addition to cleansing, it can also moisturize the strands or add the long-awaited volume and shine. Using a shampoo that suits your hair will cleanse it well, help the curls to comb easier and make them softer and more elastic. To get the result, the shampoo should be applied to the hair twice.

Professional hair shampoo - price and reviews

Hair cleansing shampoo plays a very important role in home curl care, so you should choose it carefully. The first thing to consider when buying shampoo is the type and level of damage to the strands. Do not use products that are not suitable for your hair type. Choose cosmetic products with a natural composition that contains a minimum amount of harmful ingredients. 

What hair shampoos to buy in the ZAYA online store? 

  1. Professional series - products that guarantee the effect as after salon procedures. The formulas are created by scientists together with the best stylists and hairdressers around the world, they know exactly what is needed for quality care. 
  2. Pharmacy and medical cosmetics - products aimed at combating serious hair and skin problems: hair loss, dandruff, as well as high sensitivity or irritability.
  3. Cosmetics without sulfates and silicones - we recommend girls who have had keratin straightening, nanoplasty, or those who are prone to allergies. 
  4. Natural and organic shampoos are based on natural ingredients: plant extracts, oils, proteins, and herbs. They gently take care of the hair, guarantee nutrition and a sufficient level of moisture. 

In the ZAYA online store you will find shampoos of the following types: 

  • shampoo for normal/oily/dry hair 
  • shampoo for thin hair 
  • shampoo for volume
  • shampoo for oily at the roots and thin at the tips 
  • shampoos after keratin straightening / Botox / nanoplasty 
  • Sulfate-free/silicone-free shampoos 
  • shampoo for hair growth 
  • Korean/Japanese shampoos 
  • gray hair shampoo 
  • shampoo for deep cleansing 
  • shampoo for colored hair / bleached hair 
  • shampoos for men 
Where to buy hair shampoo in Kyiv and Ukraine? 

Zaya hair cosmetics store has a wide range of hair care products. Here you will find professional, therapeutic, organic/natural shampoos that are difficult to get in other stores in Ukraine.

In addition, the prices for hair shampoos are affordable, the store provides free delivery, so you can easily buy hair cosmetics in Kyiv and any other city in Ukraine.


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