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Hairdressing brushes

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You can buy a brush for keratin and hair coloring complete with a comb in the ZAYA online store. Feedback from customers who have chosen accessories in the ZAYA online store confirms the high quality of the product. You can also buy hair styling and care products from us.

Only original products are available, confirmed by quality certificates. At first glance, it may seem that hairdressing accessories, such as brushes or bowls, do not affect the result and comfort for the master in the process. In fact, this is not the case. Manufacturers produce ergonomically shaped containers and brushes that fit easily in the hand and allow you to quickly and evenly apply the composition to the strands.

Brushes and combs for hair coloring and applying Botox and keratin are a must-have for conscientious masters who are used to using modern accessories and not skimping on their clients. The products from leading brands presented in our catalog will allow you to quickly perform manipulations - mix the color, apply it to the hair with an even distribution and separate the strands.

How to choose brushes: what should you look for when buying a brush for coloring?

  • Choose a hair coloring brush with natural (badger, pig hair, horse hair) or artificial bristles;
  • The bristles should be elastic and moderately stiff, retaining their shape for a long time;
  • The production uses plastic that is resistant to chemically active reagents. Such brushes do not change color and do not emit a toxic odor when in contact with an oxidizing agent.

Brushes for keratin and Botox buy Kyiv and Ukraine

We are proud of our large number of satisfied customers who have chosen our hair accessories. When you shop at ZAYA, you choose high quality, innovation, and reliability. Also buy hair styling products to complete your perfect look. Choose professional tools from leading brands together with the ZAYA store!


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