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Hair Care Spray

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Buy professional hair spray - get smoothed curls and incredible shine!

Every woman understands that hair is the first thing people pay attention to when they meet her. A beautiful hairdo makes a girl more confident and adds to her image of attractiveness. We have a wide range of sprays for sale so that every girl can choose a product according to her hair and scalp type:

  • Antibacterial - cleanses the scalp, and nourishes, and deeply moisturizes. Sprays contain vitamins, plant extracts, and useful components which help to regulate sebum secretion.
  • To revitalize: removes the dullness and splitting of the hair ends, and prevents hair breakage due to the presence of keratin and active moisturizing ingredients.
  • For smoothing - closes the cuticle and makes styling much easier.
  • For Shine - gives your hair the long-awaited shine and stops the loss of color after dyeing.
  • For curls - designed to be used on curly hair, fixing it and making it more resilient.
  • For volumizing - used in the root zone and help to create effective hairstyles even on sparse and thin hair.
  • For growth and against hair loss: applied on the scalp and roots, they help awaken dormant hair follicles, accelerate hair growth and stop hair loss by saturating hair with vitamins and essential elements.
  • Heat-protecting products protect locks from sunburn and thermal damage (hairdryer, curling iron).

The following products are especially popular:

  1. Spray for hair growth - gives the opportunity with a minimum of effort and time to provide hair quality and effective care;
  2. Hairstyling spray: secures each hair, but at the same time allows you to save a natural hairstyle. The product also makes combing and styling easier because when it is used, the strands do not stick together;
  3. spray hair dye - allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your image. Hair spray with hair dye functions, and allows you to make strands lighter or get curls specific shade (reddish, pinkish, blue, etc.) without the slightest harm to the hair structure.

Our range includes the following brands:

  • Raywell (Raywell),
  • MoroccanOil,
  • CP-1 (CP-1),
  • Daeng Gi Meo Ri,
  • Beaver,
  • CHI,
  • Moremo,
  • Joico,
  • Artego,
  • Inebrya,
  • Lador.

Where to buy hair spray in Europe and around the world?
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