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Professional cosmetics for hair Vitael

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Italian professional hair cosmetics Vitael is a brand with many years of experience in developing and producing natural hair care products. Our products contain natural nutrients such as essential oils, plant extracts, and vitamins that make hair healthy, shiny, soft, and elastic.

The products are represented by various product lines suitable for any hair type and the problem you face. The Dry hair line provides moisturizing and nourishment for dry hair, Hair loss fights hair loss, Normalizing normalizes the sebaceous glands, Dandruff fights dandruff, Colored and Anti-Yellow care for colored and blonde hair, respectively, and the Damaged line repairs and protects damaged hair. The Daily Use line is suitable for daily use and ensures healthy and attractive hair.

The best Vitael hair care products

The products are of professional quality and effectiveness. They help to strengthen and increase the elasticity of the strands, prevent brittleness and hair loss, eliminate flaking of the skin, and provide the necessary moisturizing. Each product line contains specially selected ingredients to address specific hair problems. For example, the hair loss line contains active ingredients that stimulate the growth of new hairs and strengthen hair follicles. The line for repairing damaged hair includes regenerating ingredients such as keratin and collagen, which help fill damaged areas and restore the hair structure. The line for the care of colored hair helps to preserve the brightness and saturation of color and protects hair from burnout and damage.

In addition, Vitael products have a pleasant aroma and are easy to apply to the hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue. Many products contain unique ingredients to moisturize and nourish the hair, which helps ensure the strands' softness and shine.

Thanks to natural ingredients and innovative formulas, Vitael products are effective and safe for use on any hair. The company offers a wide range of products for different needs, which will help everyone find the perfect product for their hair care. Choose Vitael products and enjoy healthy and beautiful hair!

Buy Vitael with delivery to Kyiv and Ukraine

The ZAYA hair cosmetics store will always amaze you with a wide range of products, promotions, and discounts. We are convinced that we can make shopping more enjoyable! You will find the necessary products in our store and can easily create a purchase. Fast delivery to all cities of Ukraine. If you have any difficulties, our consultants will gladly help you.

Vitael - итальянская профессиональная косметика для волос с многолетним опытом в разработке и производстве натуральных средств для ухода за волосами. Продукты Vitael содержат в составе эфирные масла, экстракты растений и витамины, придавая волосам здоровье, блеск и эластичность.

Линейки включают средства для сухих волос, борьбы с выпадением, нормализации сальных желез, борьбы с перхотью, ухода за окрашенными волосами, восстановления поврежденных и ежедневного использования. Средства Vitael обеспечивают укрепление, эластичность и увлажнение волос.

Продукты имеют профессиональное качество, включают компоненты для решения конкретных проблем волос и имеют приятный аромат. Они эффективны и безопасны, подходят для разных типов волос. Выберите Vitael для здоровых и красивых волос!

Покупайте с доставкой в Киев и Украину в магазине косметики для волос ZAYA с регулярными акциями и скидками. Быстрая доставка и профессиональные консультации менеджеров.


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