Beneliss is a new Brazilian brand that has only recently appeared on the global hair cosmetics market. However, in the short time of its existence, the products of this company have already won many fans. And this is not surprising, because it was created according to modern quality standards, taking into account all the latest scientific research. Therefore, Beneliss keratin and botox can surprise and work real miracles. However, with proper use and appropriate skills. But let's talk about everything one by one.

History of the Beneliss brand

Beneliss offers customers not just hair care products, but also the real science of cosmetology in every drop. The products of this brand combine the most modern technologies and carefully selected ingredients to help achieve your goals and ideal hair condition. Among the advantages of the company's funds:

  1. Keratin. It is the main component of the hair shaft. It strengthens it, and in the case of a wavy structure, it can fill damaged areas and promote alignment.
  2. Other amino acids. In collaboration with keratin, they are embedded in the hair cortex, maintaining its healthy structure. Thanks to this, the strands become less vulnerable to breakage and splitting. The amino acid complex also promotes hair regeneration and provides protection from negative environmental influences.
  3. Vitamins and minerals. These components provide deep nutrition to the hair. They penetrate deep into the hair shaft, maintaining its health and elasticity from the inside. Thanks to this, the strands are restored and gain additional shine and elasticity.
  4. Healthy oils. This is a source of a significant amount of useful substances that strengthen, nourish and restore hair. It is the components of vegetable oils that make strands elastic and full of vitality, promote regenerative processes and active growth, remove fragility and split ends.
  5. Plant extracts. Humanity has long known that medicinal plants can be more effective than real medicine. And Beneliss specialists are well versed in their qualities and properties. They managed to include active substances obtained from plants into products for additional hair care, in particular strengthening, moisturizing and nourishing. Also, such substances give the hair special shine and elasticity.

All components of Beneliss products work together, in synergy with each other, to provide hair with complete care, restoration and protection from harmful environmental influences. Beneliss is not only cosmetics, but a real science about beauty and hair health!

Beneliss brand products

Currently, the Beneliss line includes keratin and botox for hair of different strength levels. The keratin line is represented by four different products, in particular:

  1. Beneliss Brazil Secret. The lightest keratin in the Beneliss line. It should be used to care for damaged strands, as well as to straighten and heal thin, light, fluffy strands that have a slight wave and are unruly. This product provides soft, delicate, but confident straightening and has a powerful moisturizing effect. Beneliss keratin also nourishes strands with amino acids, oils and other beneficial substances, making them manageable and soft. After using it, each hair becomes as if wrapped in a dense film, which protects the hair shaft from damage and thermal influences, and gives it strength and shine.
  2. Beneliss Beneplastia. This keratin is medium in leveling strength. It creates a thick film on the hair. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, it should be used to care for porous, dyed or bleached hair. This is an ideal choice for medium or light wave Slavic curls. Thanks to its use, curls receive reliable protection from damage, keratin fills voids and helps restore molecular moisture. It has a powerful moisturizing effect, nourishes the strands and gives them softness. In addition, this product masks all brittle and split ends, which makes the hair become impeccably smooth and incredibly shiny.
  3. Beneliss Benefit. An excellent find for straightening medium-density and fairly strong curls. This is a strong modification product that can handle even unruly and rather coarse hair. Provides reliable alignment and fixation of hair in a luxurious straight look. Among the features of such a product — the presence of coffee beans and amino acids in the extract. Their active components penetrate deep into the hair structure, giving the strands strength and shine. Thanks to this composition, keratin not only straightens curls, but also saturates them with useful substances. In addition, the product from Beneliss covers each hair with a protective film, creates a lasting thermal protective effect, and also makes it pleasantly shiny.
  4. Beneliss MAX POWER. The most powerful keratin in the company's line. It is the strongest in terms of straightening power and can cope with even extremely difficult cases. This is an excellent choice for straightening natural hair that is very curly, dense and thick. This keratin will make even ethnic hair smooth. Among its features – presence of macadamia oil. It is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, providing intense hydration and high-quality nutrition at the cellular level. After using this keratin, the curls become an even, smooth canvas, which pleases the eye with incredible shine.

As for Botox, the company offers:

  1. Beneliss Botorepair. This is a liquid Botox designed to care for illuminated, dry and damaged strands. Its main feature – The presence of a blue pigment in the composition, due to which the product gives an attractive cool shade to light hair. Its use can bring significant benefits to blondes, such Botox neutralizes sloppy yellow or red tones. In addition, it provides powerful nutrition, strengthening and restoration of hair. This Beneliss Botox contains elastin and a complex of various vitamins in its moisturizing formula. Thanks to them, problematic hair is restored at the cellular level, cellular areas are filled, and light unevenness is gently smoothed out. Hair becomes shiny and well-groomed, and frizz completely disappears.
  2. Beneliss Oil Blend BTX. This is a special nourishing Botox that can be used to care for smooth, thin hair. It can help restore even very damaged strands, particularly after lighting. This product moisturizes strands, promotes their restoration and gives intense shine. Among its components – Brazilian Pracaxi oil and a complex of amino acids that perfectly nourish curls. Thanks to the use of Botox, each hair becomes wrapped in a thin, imperceptible film, becomes soft, silky and has an amazing shine.


Beneliss plans to expand its range in the future. Perhaps in the near future he will offer clients effective means for nanoplasty and bixiplasty. There is also the possibility of releasing a line of hair care products. The brand – The plans are quite grandiose, and they plan to delight customers with high-quality products for many years to come.

It should be emphasized that in order to get good results from using keratin or Botox for hair, you should firstly strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, the result may depend on skills and experience, because the final effect can be influenced by the thickness and uniformity of application of the product, the correctness of drying, the correctly selected temperature of the iron and the quantity (and quality) of passing the iron through the strands to complete the procedure. Therefore, most experts recommend entrusting the procedure to professionals with relevant experience, rather than experimenting at home.

Why choose Beneliss?

Although Beneliss has only recently appeared on the Ukrainian hair cosmetics market, it unanimously deserves attention. Experts speak positively about this brand — people who have been specializing in hair care for many years, including keratin smoothing and Botox. Also among the advantages of this brand's products:

  1. Easy to use. The packaging of each product contains detailed information about the rules for using a particular product. You should strictly adhere to it, and the result will be guaranteed.
  2. Affordable competitive price. The company adheres to a democratic pricing policy and is fundamentally opposed to raising prices for its own products. Therefore, the cost of goods from Beneliss will be affordable for most girls.
  3. Efficiency. Keratin and Botox specialists have already appreciated the cost-effectiveness of Beneliss products. They are used in fairly moderate quantities, so they last a long time.
  4. Lack of aggressive components. The components of Beneliss products do not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and nasopharynx. The products also do not tend to cause skin irritation (although the manufacturer warns that there is a risk of an individual hypersensitivity reaction).
  5. Attractive result. After keratin straightening or Botox with Beneliss products, hair becomes incredibly beautiful, well-groomed, full of strength and vitality. And this result lasts forever. With proper care, it lasts for 4 months.

So, hair care products from the Brazilian brand Beneliss are unanimously worthy of attention. They can be purchased both for independent use and for the salon. Such cosmetics will definitely not cause unpleasant disappointments. In addition, newcomers to the market should be doing really cool things – only this can give them the opportunity to please the consumer. And Beneliss understands this better than anyone. Therefore, try this new product on the cosmetics market and see its effectiveness and benefits for hair with your own eyes!